Unplugged in the Countryside

Featured in this post about the pros and cons of unplugging from social media, and technology in general.

Alexis Chateau

We owe most of our modern marvels to advances in technology. Technology has cured diseases, pumped water into our homes, flooded our night-life with lights, and transported us around the world.

This track record of success has also convinced us that technology keeps us connected. While better communication is definitely one of the benefits it can provide, what it really does is keep us plugged in.

Thus, many people blame technology for the bad communication habits of the current generation. But perhaps it’s time we turn some of that blame on ourselves.

A Distracted Generation

The constant desire to remain plugged in creates a life of constant distractions. No matter how strong your focus, it’s easy to get sidetracked by the low hum of the television set in the living room, or the vibrations of our phones on the bedside table, screaming update after update.

Whether it’s ISIS beheadings or who just liked…

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